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    Progressive Media is the leading developer of 1С-Bitrix

  • Quality monitoring

    1С-Bitrix performs quality testing of all projects by Progressive Media

  • Gold Certified Partner

    Assigned to companies with extensive experience in developing web projects

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    certified developers
  • 81
    certified specialists
  • 137
    projects on the basis of 1С-Bitrix products
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1С-Bitrix: Site Management

  • Enterprise
  • Compose technology
  • Hosting
  • System administration
  • ERP integration


  • Enterprise
  • Automation
  • CRM
  • E-commerce + CRM
  • On-premise solution
  • Business processes
  • ERP integration
  • System administration


Runet Rating 2022 E-commerce development

1st place High-price segment
2nd place

E-commerce development - Clothing and footwear

2nd place

Design of enterprise solutions

RUWARD 2022 Web studios rating - 1st place Textiles and clothing

1st place Textiles and clothing
7th place

Web studios rating - E-commerce

11th place

Digital Design & Creative rating

Index 2022

  • 3rd place

    Rating of сooperation in web-production segment



  • Gold

    Hoff Best development and integration

    Live.Skillbox Best community website

  • Silver

    Live.Skillbox Best website for an IT company

    New Balance Best retail website

    DKNY Best development and integration

  • Bronze

    Live.Skillbox Best development and integration

    DKNY Best retail website

    Trendzone Retail and e-commerce"

    ORTEKA Best website "Medicine"

Wadline Awards

  • Winner

Runet rating

  • 1st place

    Tom Tailor Best SEO Design

    New Balance Monobrand online stores

  • 2nd place

    Live.Skillbox Education

    Trendzone Clothing and footwear

    Motherbear Family and children

  • 3rd place

    DKNY Monobrand online stores

    Live.Skillbox Services

    Lee Clothing and footwear

Golden Site

  • 1st place

    Skillbox Educational portal

    New Balance Best online store design

  • 2nd place

    Hoff Online retail store


Full cycle custom web development

  • Expertise in the development of large e-commerce projects
  • Expertise in the development of Internet projects for the fashion industry
  • Expertise in the implementation / development of large intranet solutions and corporate portals
  • Expertise in the development of solutions based on 1C-Bitrix products